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Margarita & Daiquiri

Strawberry Mix

Made with real strawberries, Lefty’s Strawberry Mix makes a delicious margarita or daiquiri with every pour. Paired with your favorite spirit, it’s refreshing and tasty any time of year. An award winning recipe first served decades ago in San Francisco, Lefty’s Strawberry Mix is a must have for your bar.

Strawberry Mix


Spec Sheet

Real fruit, real tasty! A versatile mixer for Margarita’s Daiquiris and other cocktails

Strawberry Mix

Product info

UPC: 059357002502
Manufacturer: A.C. Calderoni & Co
Variable Weight: 45 lbs/case
Pack Size: 12/1 liter glass
Case Dimensions: 11”x14.5”x12”
TI HI: 11 block, 5 Hi – 55 cases max
Storage: Room Temp
Shelf Life: 18 months

nutrition facts

Ingredients: Water, sugar, strawberries, natural and imitation flavors, xanthan gum, citric acid FD&C red #40, and sodium benzoate

Serving Size: 3.5 fl oz
Servings per container: 9.5
Calories: 56
Sodium: 25mg
Total Carbs: 13g
Sugars: 12g

Strawberry Nutrition Label

Only Quality Ingredients

Create World Class Taste