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Lefty O’ Doul’s

Established in San Francisco in 1958, Lefty O’ Doul’s was THE spot to go if you were a thirsty sports fan. Founded by former New York Yankee and New York Giant baseball star Francis Joseph “Lefty” O’Doul, it became a famous haunt for its festive atmosphere and stiff drinks.

World Class Mixers

Since 1958

From Bloody Mary’s to Margaritas and everything in between, Lefty’s Cocktail Mixes bring your bar to life no matter what you’re mixing!

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Francis “Lefty” O’Doul

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The walls were littered with priceless memorabilia and the atmosphere was electric. Lefty’s became known far and wide for his amazingly delicious cocktails. Created from only the finest ingredients, Lefty’s creations were the stuff of local legend.

For years, Lefty’s Hollywood celebrity friends had experienced the tasty results of his dedication to his craft and now these formulas and recipes are available to you.
From Bloody Mary’s to Margaritas, Mai Tai’s and everything in between, Lefty was a world class “mixologist” decades before the trendy phrase was first uttered.

Lefty’s closely guarded formulas were passed on so future generations could enjoy his delicious cocktail mixers insuring their signature taste will provide millions of more satisfied customers.

Lefty O’ Doul’s cocktail mixers are manufactured with pride in the San Francisco Bay Area, just a few miles from where it began all those years ago.

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Only Quality Ingredients

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